Thursday, September 10, 2009

Changes are Happening

I've never really been a real big fan of change, kinda ironic coming from someone who served in the military and changed duty stations seven times, which included two overseas assignments (one without family/one with) and also a short 90-day temporary duty assignment.

Merrium Webster defines it one way as "to make radically different, transform, to give a different position, course, or direction to.

I like to change my mind, my hairstyle, my shoes, my sleeping position. I don't like to change stinky diapers, the oil in my car, my plans, my routine, changing time. It throws me off and makes me crazy when I don't have control of a situation. I don't really think I am a control freak, but others might have another opinion!

So why should I like this thing called "the change of life" when I don't get any say so in the matter? How did I not see it coming, but knew it would happen? Can't I just change my mind and decide not to participate?

There could be a lot of things about this next second half century that I can like: new babies, new-lyweds, new relationships...all fresh and untouched for the moment by change. But it will come, it is ineffitable, and without notice will show up ready or not. Not anything like your childhood hide and go seek!

So I think I am going to change my mind about how I feel about it and instead will embrace this transformation. Like a butterfly, I'm going to build myself a cocoon and when I feel the time is right, break out of my hardened shell into a delicate creature of God. It won't be easy because remember that this is not my choice, but since this change is gonna happen without my say so, guess I'm gonna let this radically change me and follow the direction that God has mapped out for me.

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