Monday, September 27, 2010

Letter to Mom

Recently changes and series of events in my life have stoked the fire of desire in my heart to long to share them with my dearly departed Mother, Virginia Gail "Whitted" Stone. Sometimes a girl just needs to be able to pick up the phone on a spur the moment and talk to Mom. Sometimes it's just because you want to hear their voice and make the excuse of needing to ask them a question that only a Mother would know, and other times you just need to "download" while they patiently listen, others were times when I just needed to be put back together.

That's what it was like between my Mom and me. I remember in my early years while serving in the Air Force and stationed at my first base, about a million miles away so it seemed at the time, I went through a lot of quarters calling home.

Everytime I called, she always dropped whatever she was doing, unless of course it was a pot full of hot water, and took time to listen to me. I loved to hear what she was doing right at that moment, and her words would transport me back to the kitchen stool where we sat many a night talking and laughing.

I cherish those moments, and if I could go back in time, I wouldn't change anything. I know God had a plan for me then, just as he has now. So if I could pick up the phone I would in a minute, but since I can, I know that God will relay the message!