Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too Many Cookies

It's really late and I should be in bed, but baking always gives me energy. Besides, tomorrow is Friday and the weekend beckons me to get a head start.

Almost every Thursday night, I bribe the brownie baker to don her apron to bake a batch of brownies for the guys at work. OK, before you get any ideas, they keep my computer running and me sane when I cannot get whatever flavor of a program to work my way. So, their favorite bribe food is brownies. One of them likes them gooey in the middle, the other with nuts. Gooey with nuts is usually what gets taken and all are gone before lunch.

Cookies joined the mix this week as one of my team members was Employee of the Month for June so we are celebrating at our team meeting tomorrow with a special treat. I made them special for him because he is watching his weight...oatmeal cookies with cranraisins. Yum... I thought I would make a double batch, that way there would be plenty for everyone and the extra would be a great afternoon snack.

I started baking at 8am, each batch took 12-14 minutes, allowing 2 minutes to cool. Two and a half hours later = two full containers and extra in the cookie jar for the main cookie monster to munch on. Had to fill it up because, he ate all of my graham crackers! They are good with peanut butter on them and I can have them on my eating plan (not diet= first three letters are D I E )! Anyway, I started thinking back when the kids were little and how I couldn't keep cookies in the jar...they never made it there, but were scarved up before they even had a chance to cool. Something else was missing, the bowl lickers. I never had to worry about cleaning the bowl because one of them would wisk it away as I put the last of the dough on the cookie sheet.

This takes me back to when all of us kids would be under Mom's feet when she was cooking. She called us her little helpers and we would hand her the ingrediants one by one. We had the best time, made a big mess, but had a great time. We made homeade yeast donuts and used my grandfathers bakery recipe: needless to say the whole neighborhood were treated to a sweet or two.

Your assignment should you choose to accept it, is to dust off those cookbooks, put makeshift aprons on your little helpers, and bake away. Then here is the best part: share them with your friends because I always say, things taste better when you share them!

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